Now YOU can calculate which direction your luck is heading – with the Luck Predictor Handbook!

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Do you ever have some days that are going really well and other days that are are absolutely horrible?

Do you ever read your Horoscope? A paper or magazine horoscope is only a generalisation for your particular star sign and there are millions of people with your star sign. By their very nature horoscopes are inevitably highly inaccurate! Also I’m very sceptical of the scam adverts in some of the specialist magazines who prey on the vulnerable and promise good luck. Yeah, good luck when they get hold of your cash!

This handbook is not horoscope. It is a scientific way for you to predict your  forthcoming luck which is personalised to you and always aligned with you. Where’s the scientific proof then? There isn’t any!

But it does work and nobody really knows why!

We have sold many many handbooks and amazingly have not had a request for any money back.

To sum up, think of it like this… It’s still you… but an even better version!

The Luck Predictor Handbook

Why you need the Luck Predictor Handbook

OK. Let’s analyse a couple of generalised situations that you may have come across in your life (you can of course use any situation that applies more to you) …

“Hi, How are you today?”

“Oh not too bad”.

“Well… Actually, I’m going through a bit of a rough patch”

“I’ve heard rumours that they are going to lay off some people from work   and I’m really worried”

The Luck Predictor will not stop those redundancies – if that is what is going to happen.

You cannot control events that are obviously out of your control.

However, the Luck Predictor could have fore-warned you that this situation was a possibility and you could have started to look for other jobs. Or even take more training. Or even start your dream business!

I know that it certainly doesn’t feel like it at the time but (depending on your personality traits), you can turn an unfavourable situation into a really good situation.

The Luck Predictor Handbook

Why you need the Luck Predictor Handbook

Here’s another scenario …

“Hi, how are you today?”

“I’m really annoyed with myself!”

“I just found out my a few of my friends’ business is doing really well”

“That sounds great! So, why are you annoyed with yourself?”

“Because they wanted me to join in with them in the business 2 years ago   and I told them they were dreamers and that their business had no   chance”

The Luck Predictor would have shown you that you should have done more research when life presented you with this opportunity and therefore you might have arrived at a different conclusion.

You see, the above two scenarios are just normal life.

The luck Predictor cannot change your luck.

BUT it can allow you to prepare for things that could happen in the future by predicting your luck trends!

The Luck Predictor Handbook

Why you need the Luck Predictor Handbook

It’s been proven that, generally speaking, on average we get roughly the same amount of ‘good’ luck as ‘bad’ luck but it does go in cycles, that’s why many people regularly check their horoscope.

Of course some people do seem to have a lot of good luck and some poor souls seems to have an unfair share of bad luck. I’ve seen it so many times myself and often wondered what’s going on but as I don’t know them, I can’t tell.

I’m not talking about Karma either. I personally do believe in it but it is not the subject of this handbook.

All I can say is that, on average, the majority of people get as much good luck as bad luck.

However, (and this is the fundamental key)… it has been scientifically & mathematically proven that most people will experience noticeable deviations in their luck. To put it another way, there are times when you get more ‘good’ luck and conversely there are times when you will get more ‘not so good’ luck.

This is where the Luck Predictor Handbook can help you!

The Luck Predictor technique enables you to predict these inevitable deviations, (ups and downs), by enabling you to accurately calculate a trend for your forthcoming luck.

So it’s still the same you but an even better version. Why? Because fore-warned is fore-armed, as the saying goes!


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